Hi, we are Ricky and Rebecca

Don’t get put off your project so you never get what you want- call now!

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Ricky and Rebecca Smith


If you’re like the clients we work with, you have plans or ideas... You just don’t know how to bring your project to fruition...


A successful building project to you may mean-


Being listened to and heard by your builder



Keeping within budget


Having a builder who can think outside the box and solve problems

You get what you want at the end

Uncompromising standard of work

Good communication

So why are you feeling stuck?

You know what you want but the goal feels too big?? You don’t know who to trust, you’re afraid of being taken advantage of?


You’re not alone!

Let us look after you from end to end

We will start by ensuring that your budget and dreams align. You can have your dream home and with 13 years experience we have the knowledge to guide you through the process and look after you from build to code of compliance.


With us by your side guiding you, you can have your dream home, built with uncompromising standards, without feeling paralysed about making the right decisions.

Schedule a listening session and get your project off the ground.