• Ricky Smith

How to renovate your bathroom without blowing the budget!

There are a wide range of products and considerations when it comes to a bathroom renovation. It’s important to start with a ball park idea on what you want to spend and a vision, then bring them together so when you are getting ideas you can work out if they will align.

No one wants to end up disappointed and this is why you need a clear idea of what you want when it comes to the design of the bathroom so that your budget stays intact.

- Prioritise what’s important- ensuring that everyone involved is aligned with the design… Write a list of wants, needs and can do with outs.

- Functionality can make or break a bathroom- whether that be a family bathroom renovation or an ensuite bathroom renovation... Some things to consider; How many people are using it? Do you have another toilet in the house or are you happy with the toilet in the same room? Do you need to have something hard wearing because it’s the bathroom your kids are using? Is it going to be a workable and practical bathroom space that has a nice flow and set up? (Where is that towel rail going to go?)

- Style- consider the style of your home overall. Think about do you want something that is still stylish in years to come- you can dress up a room with items that are easy to update regularly… Or do you want to create a big statement Bathroom?

- Bathroom fixtures and fitting products have a wide range of designs and quality. This is where your budget can blow out easily so look around the shops, see what is going to work in the space and what you like. Additional taps and rain shower heads means extra plumbing costs as well.

- Floor coverings- there are so many more options now that there is waterproof laminate flooring as well as tiles and vinyl to choose from. Things to consider with tiling is the smaller designer/ patterned tiles take longer and cost more to lay… There are ways to reduce costs if needed down to tiling just the floor or ¾ way up the walls opposed to the ceiling…

- Include a contingency amount of 15-20% above your budget- if your gib is coming off they walls plumbers only then can see if any repairs or pipework need to be replaced or if any timber needs to be replaced.

Making decisions on how much you are comfortable spending on your Auckland bathroom renovation means that a builder can then price the project knowing exactly what your after. They can also provide advice on what is achievable, so you know where you stand from the start and therefore avoid any budget blow outs.

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